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RFShowControl Protocol Explained


RFPixelControl utilizes an On-Air protocol which was originally designed and implemented by Joe Johnson for use with the RFColor2_4 project. Inspired by this, and with the intent of being fully interoperable with Joe's RFColor2_4 GECE controllers, the RFPixelControl library was built to simplify the setup and configuration of the transmitters and receivers.

Current / Beta RFPixelControl Protocol

The RFPixelControl protocol is built within the limitations of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF24L01+ tranceiver.

  • Transmission Rate: 250kbps
  • RFChannels Available for Transmitters: 125 ( allows for up to 64,000 individual channels or 21,000 pixels!!!)
    • One Transmitter per RFChannel, Each transmitter can transmit up to 512 channels.

Packet Structure

Proposed Changes to the RFPixelControl Protocol (not yet implemented)

Future Enhancements