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Renard Serial to RF Transmitter - Removed

Hardware Serial Modification - Do this modification before getting started

How To Program the Serial to RF Transmitter

  1. Open the IDE
  2. In the RFPixelControl\examples folder find the RenardInterrupt Transmitter
    Open the Transmitter Sketch
  3. There are some changes you will need to make to set up the transmitter
    Edit Configuration Options

  1. First Choose what RF Channel you want this transmitter to use, If you only have 1 use 100 its a pretty good one.


  1. Next Choose which Serial Baud Rate to transmit with

#define RENARD_SERIAL_BAUD       57600

  1. Next Choose a Unique ID For this device, This number will need to be unique for each of your RF devices (unless you want to have more than one receiver receive the same information from the transmitter, NOTE: this is only used for receivers when OTA Config is enabled. More information visit: OTA Config Explained


  1. Next Choose what hardware you are using. This is so you have the right pin setup for your transceiver

#define  NRF_TYPE                     RF1_1_3

  1. Next Choose the Data Rate that the RF Transceiver is going to use

#define  DATA_RATE RF24_1MBPS

Now that you have that done, Its time to load the sketch onto your transmitter. Choose the correct COM device in the Arduino IDE and click Upload.

When that is done, you are ready to go!