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RFShowControl Protocol Explained


RFPixelControl utilizes an On-Air protocol which was originally designed and implemented by Joe Johnson for use with the RFColor2_4 project. Inspired by this, and with the intent of being fully interoperable with Joe's RFColor2_4 GECE controllers, the RFPixelControl library was built to simplify the setup and configuration of the transmitters and receivers.

Current / Beta RFPixelControl Protocol

The RFPixelControl protocol is built within the limitations of Nordic Semiconductor's nRF24L01+ tranceiver.

  • Transmission Rate: 250kbps
  • RFChannels Available for Transmitters: 125 ( allows for up to 64,000 individual channels or 21,000 pixels!!!)
    • One Transmitter per RFChannel, Each transmitter can transmit up to 512 channels.

Packet Structure
RFPixelControl utilizes a 32 byte packet, So we need more than 1 packet to send an entire 512 channels (if needed).
  • 30 bytes of channel data
  • 1 offset byte
  • one reserved byte (not currently used)

Because of the restrictions of 30 "data channels" per packet we need 18 packets to send an entire 512 channels. Transmitters can broadcast fewer than 512 channels and will use less packets to do so if needed.

OneRF Packet table Header                              
aPacket Inxextable0row12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031

Proposed Changes to the RFPixelControl Protocol (not yet implemented)

Future Enhancements