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Getting Started Guide

An overview of the Komby world is a good place to get started.

What software do i need to load firmware?

Where is your data coming from?

How do you want to get it into the air?
  1. Serial Data
    1. See: DMX Serial to RF Setup
  2. E1.31 Data
    1. See: E1.31 Transmitter Setup

What are you controlling?

Once We pull this out of the air, what do you want to do with it?
  1. Renard Controllers
    1. Renard Firmware: Configure Renard Receiver
    2. DMX Firmware: Configure DMX Receiver
  2. Pixels
    1. Configure Pixel Receiver
    2. WM2999 Pixel Receiver Setup
  3. Dumb RGB
    1. Configure DumbRGB Receiver