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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions asked often

  • Q: If i transmit with "Renard" can i receive DMX? If i transmit with DMX can i receive with Renard? If i transmit with sACN (E1.31) can i receive for PROTOCOL?
    • A: YES! One of the great things about the RFShowControl library is that the "transmitter" and the "receiver" can use different protocols. From the transmitter side, there is incoming data of some format, and it is the transmitter's job to turn that data into radio-frequency packets of information. Once incoming data is made into radio packets, they are no longer "Renard" OR "DMX." (Well, what are they then? The radio packets are built like this.) Once things are in the air, you can pull it out of the air pretty much in any format you want. For example, you could have your MiniRen controllers listening to the same data that you have DMX output going to LOR controllers. In the Komby world, it's the receiver's job to take the radio packets and turn them into whatever that receiver needs to output.
  • Q: How do I connect my RF1 to my computer and upload firmware?
    • A: You need to use a serial programmer like this one. Alternatively, if you have an Arduino Uno, you can pull the microprocessor out, replace it with your Komby processor, program that processor and then put it in your Komby board (RF1 or RF1_12v).
  • Q: How do I connect my kombee to my computer and upload firmware?
    • A: You have two options, use an xbee Explorer OR if you have a kombee which is the DIP version (the big one) you can use the serial programmer and connect to the 5 pin serial header on the board.
  • Q: Can I use the FTDI board + RF1 as a Transmitter device?
    • A: Yes! the FTDI board available in the komby store will show up as a COM port in your computer, If using DMX you are limited to one transmitter of this type (512 data channels); if you are using Renard you can have multiple transmitters but note that your baud rate will need to be set as high as possible. Preferably 250kbps or higher. Lower than 250kbps you may be limited in the number of channels you can send on your transmitter during the refresh (25 or 50ms) of your sequencer.
  • Q: What's the best way to connect pixels to the RF1's four-pin header?
    • A: One thing you will notice is that in order to conserve space on the PCB, the RF1 four-pin header does not fit standard screw-terminal blocks. I am using 4 Pin Waterproof Connector connecting the female end to the RF1 and the male ends to the pixels. View more information about the 4 Pin Waterproof Connector Wiring.
  • Q: What is the "NRF_TYPE" setting in the firmware? How do I know which type I have?

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