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FTDI Programmer Assembly Instructions

These instructions are for the FTDI_Prog v0.4 and newer PCB for instructions on how to assemble older version visit :


C1, C2, C3100 nF Capacitor, You can use 0805 or Ceramic Disc capacitors
C510uF Electrolytic Polarized Capacitor
R1,R2, R31K through hole Resistor
Power Select2.54mm Pitch pin jumpers
RX,TX, Power3mm LED
5 Pin Serial2.54mm 5 Pin Female header
6 Pin Serial2.54mm 6 Pin Male header - Optional
USBSMD USB Mini B female port


  • If you ordered with Pre-Soldered SMD Components you should have a board that looks like this. For non Pre-solder you need to solder the chip and USB adapter like shown in the picture.
  • Solder the 3 1K Resistors for your LEDs
  • Solder the 3 .1uF capacitors as shown

  • Next solder the 3 LEDs as shown. Note that the Long leg goes in the side with the + on the silkscreen. This picture also shows the 5 pin header with male headers in one of the possible configurations. (you need to choose how you want to solder the 5 pin header see the next steps before soldering the headers)
  • Alternate Male header on top option
  • Male header can be soldered flush to achieve right angle
  • Right angle headers (not supplied) can also be used
  • Solder the 3 pin jumper for Voltage select, you will want this set on the 5v setting most of the time.
  • Here the shunt Jumper is shown in the 5v setting
  • Solder the 10uF electrolytic capacitor as shown

  • Note that you do not need to solder the 6 pin header it is optional.

  • Here is how you connect the FTDI to a RF1Serial komby board for programming.

  • Example of how to connect to a komby RF1 for programming