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RS485 Serial DMX / Renard Adapter Assembly Instructions

Instructions for the newest Serial Adapter Board only. For other PCBs see RF1 Serial Adapter Rev 0.2 Assembly Instructions.

See Notes at the end of these instructions regarding recommended Komby devices and power supplies.


  • 1 Serial Expansion PCB Version 0.7
  • 1 MAX485 IC or ST485BN IC (8-pin RS485 transceiver)
  • 1 8-pin DIP socket
  • 1 2x10 2.54 pitch male pin header
  • 4 Shunt jumpers
  • 1 100nF ceramic disc capacitor
  • 1 470uF aluminum electrolytic capacitor (optional)
  • 1 1/4w 120 ohm resistor
  • 1 1/4w 10k ohm Resistor
  • 3 1/4w 1K resistors
  • 1 3mm yellow LED
  • 1 3mm green LED
  • 1 3mm red LED
  • 1 RJ45 PCB mount (8p8c) (top or side entry) (optional)
  • 1 1x2 right-angle 2.54 pitch pin header
  • 1 1x2 straight 2.54 pitch pin header
  • 1 1x15 right angle 2.54 pitch pin header (male or female)


Install the 10k ohm pull-up resistor.

Install the 120 ohm serial-termination resistor.

Install the 1k resistors — these are for the LEDs and are not needed if no LEDs are used.

Install the DIP socket for the RS485 chip; note the notch on the socket and the outline on the silk screen. Then solder the LEDs; the LEDs are polarized — note that the flat side is to the left of all LEDs, while the long wire on the LED goes on the right (see + mark). LEDs are optional.

Install the 100nf ceramic disc capacitor.

Install the 15-pin male right angle header and optionally, if you are connecting to a RF1_12V, add the 2-pin right angle header.

Install the 2x10 pin header. If you are going to power the board over serial (Cat5 Pin 3 can power the RF1 with 7.5-12v), install the 2-pin male header shown here (if not, don't).

Install the big polarized capacitor (note the orientation).

Install the RJ45 connector.

Install the RS485 chip (note the notch on the socket and the indentation on the chip).

You need to put jumpers on the pins as indicated for your serial type. Renard, DMX and LOR are supported If you are going to provide power over the Cat5 cable, you can supply 7.5-12v on RJ45 pin 3 and add an extra jumper on the VIN Enable header.

Photo shows shunts in DMX mode.


  • If you are setting a start address in the RF1 sketch then you should set your controller to start at address 1 (LOR, DLA and probably all other DMX controllers.) or 0 (Renard Addressable, or don't use start address firmware.)

  • In an environment where the nRF24l01 "Zig Zag" transceiver is being used, the recommended configuration is to attach the RS485 Serial Adapter to a Komby RF1_12 board (the power supply can be anything from 6v DC to 35v DC at around 400mA). Where an nRF24l01 PA transceiver ("Rubber Ducky" antenna) is being used, attach a Komby RF1 board, but be certain that the 5-volt power supply is well regulated (i.e., not a wall wart).

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