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RF1 Serial Adapter Rev 0.2 Assembly Instructions


  • MAX485 IC
  • 150 Ohm Resistor
  • PCB Mount 8p8c (top or side entry) (optional)
  • 2 1x3 pin headers 2.54 pitch
  • 2 shunt jumpers
  • 15 pin header (male or female)


First solder the 150 Ohm resistor

2)next solder the RS485 chip. You may choose to install optional 2x3 pin socket but it is not necessary

3) Install the 15 pin header

4) Install both of the 1x3 pin headers

5) (Optional) Install the rj45 female socket. You may choose to solder the cat5 directly to the board.
If you are using a DMX or LOR controller you might want to skip this step for now, It may be easier to just solder the correct wires to the right locations and use a cut portion of a standard rj45

Next, how are you going to be using this adapter. To select DMX Pin format you will place the shunt jumpers on the DMX position

To select the Renard (OR LOR) Pin format you will place the shunt jumpers on the Renard position

Komby rs485 to Holiday Coro DMX


If you are setting a start address in the RF1 sketch then you should set your controller to start at address 1 (LOR, DLA and probably all other DMX controllers.) or 0 (Renard Addressable, or don't use start address firmware.)

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