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Advanced Komby installation

Similar to the basic installation, an advanced Komby installation provides two functions — it eliminates wires and it allows input of one holiday lighting protocol and output of another (or the same).

An advanced installation might be required if you don’t own (or care to own) a USB device to create serial holiday lighting signals. Instead of the Serial Adapter/RF1_12v combination, a Komby “Sandwich” is used (the reference is to the fact there are three layers of interconnected printed circuit boards): An Arduino Uno or similar board, an Ethernet Shield and a Minimalist Shield with an nRF24l01 radio transmitter.

The Sandwich is connected to the show-playing computer via an Ethernet network; the show-player outputs the E1.31 protocol, which is received by the Ethernet Shield and processed in the Arduino UNO, which in turn sends the signal out through the Minimalist Shield to the radio.

Like the basic installation, the receiver can be any number of Komby devices, including the RF1, the RF1_12v or others.

A diagram for understanding the even-more complex multiple Sandwich environment is also available.