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FTDI Programmer Assembly v0.3 and earlier

These instructions are for the FTDI_Prog v0.2 & v0.3 PCB


C1, C2, C3100 nF Capacitor, You can use 0805 or Ceramic Disc capacitors
C510uF Electrolytic Polarized Capacitor
R1,R21K 0805 Resistor
Power Select2.54mm Pitch pin jumpers
5 Pin Serial2.54mm 5 Pin Female header
6 Pin Serial2.54mm 6 Pin Male header - Optional
USBSMD USB Mini B female port
Reset SW6mmx6mm Tact Switch


  1. Solder the 3 .1uf Capacitors
  2. Solder the USB connector, note the 5 pads under the connector, you should apply a lot of flux to those pads and pins prior to soldering.
  3. Solder the FTDI Chip as shown, Use flux on the pads and Solder wick to clean up any excess solder.
  4. Solder the two 1k Resistors used for the LEDs (Optional if not using LEDs)
  5. Solder the LEDs as indicated, note the picture showing which orientation
  6. Solder the 10uF capacitor and the Reset Button.
  7. Solder the power jumper, and add the jumper to the power setting as desired, 3.3v Shown.
  8. Solder the 5 Pin Serial header, You can solder this as through hole OR flat as show in the picture below.
  9. Optionally Solder the 6 Pin Serial Header.

Fix issue with v0.2 PCB

the 0.2 pcb has an issue where it needs a mod wire added between the DTR pin on the 6 pin header to the capacitor next to the DTR pin on the 5 pin header. This DTR pin and Capacitor is what makes the Auto Reset function work when updating firmware on RF1 and other similar devices.
Add a piece of Mod wire (single strand of Cat 5 works great) between the two pins as shown here. You can add it on the top or bottom of the board.