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How-To Main Page
How To Setup Arduino IDE
E1.31 Example Setup Diagram For Multiple Transmitters
FTDI Example Setup Diagram (Single Transmitter Only)
Renard Wireless Control with RFPixel control and nRF24L01
RF1 Pin Descriptions
Hardware Overviews and Assembly Instructions
RF1 Assembly Instructions
DumbRGB Assembly Instructions
Programming an RF1 Receiver
RFShowControl Protocol Explained
Recommended Receiver Setup Topology
RF1_12V Assembly Guide v1.3 and earlier
RF1 Pin Descriptions Explained
kombee Assembly Instructions
kombee Design Files
Modding The Arduino Environment
Renard Serial to RF Transmitter - Removed
Hardware Serial Modification
Getting Started Guide
DMX Serial to RF Setup
Frequently Asked Questions
E1.31 Transmitter Setup
Configure Renard Receiver
Configure DMX Receiver
Configure Pixel Receiver
Configure Pixel Receiver
Configure DumbRGB Receiver
WM2999 Pixel Receiver Setup
OTA Config Explained
ota config explained
4 Pin Waterproof Connector Wiring
FTDI Programmer Assembly Instructions
Minimalist Shield Assembly Instructions
RS485 Serial DMX / Renard Adapter Assembly Instructions
Komby rs485 to Holiday Coro DMX
RFShowControl NRF_TYPE Definitions Explained
RF1 5V 0.4 and earlier Assembly Instructions
Example Setup Guide
Example Setup 1 Intro to Wireless
Test Only Setup
Configuration Settings
RF1 Serial Adapter Rev 0.2 Assembly Instructions
RF1Serial Assembly Instructions
Hardware Overviews and Assembly Instructions
FTDI Programmer Assembly v0.3 and earlier