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OTA Config Explained

What is OTA Configuration?

Over The Air (OTA) Configuration was added to the RFShowControl library to support the reconfiguring of receivers once display setup is complete, eliminating the need to go out in the cold, rain or snow to change channel numbers on Komby receiving devices such as the RF1 or the Kombee. OTA Config stands for Over The Air Configuration.

What RFPixelControlReleases will this functionality be available in?

  • The OTA Configuration was added with Beta 2 release and newer.

How does it work?

  • The show master needs a Komby Sandwich device, with access to an Ethernet network where a laptop, desktop, tablet or smart phone can be accessed. The Sandwich is programmed with the OTA sketch (Examples -> RFShowControl -> OTA-Configuration), which requires knowing a valid open IP address on the network and knowing the MAC address for the Ethernet Shield.

  • After loading the sketch and plugging the Sandwich into the network and power, the show master opens a web browser on the laptop and enters the IP address used for the Sandwich into the browser's address bar. An HTML screen will come up, showing how to change the target device's unique ID,
    Example Process Flow Describing Over The Air Configuration