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How To Setup Arduino IDE-v3

One of the great things about the Komby devices is the ease of programming. All of the RF1 and RFShowControl devices are able to be programmed with the Arduino interactive development environment (IDE). The Arduino IDE is an Open Source development environment, which makes it really easy to load code onto a RF1 or RFShowControl device.

Getting the IDE

Now that was fun, but we need some libraries to make this all work. Close the Arduino application

Hardware Serial Modification is no longer needed; if you have a modified version of the IDE, delete it and download the latest Ardunio IDE.

Installing RFShowControl firmware to your Arduino IDE

WARNING: If you have a previous version of the Komby library you need to manually uninstall it first.

Uninstall Windows Step 1

Go to your "My Documents/Arduino/libraries" folder, select all of the folders and back them up into a zip archive.

Backup previous libraries just in case.

Uninstall Windows Step 2

After you verify that they all zipped up correctly, delete the old versions.

Once they are backed up you need to remove the old stuff.

Uninstall Mac OS Step 1

Go to your */Users/Documents/Arduino/Libraries/* folder, select all the items, control click on them and use the "Compress ..." function.

Once the files are compressed, you need to delete the old ones.

Uninstall Mac OS Step 2

After you verify that they all compressed correctly, delete the old versions.

Download and install

Now its time to install.

Go to

The current release at time of writing this wiki is 3.0-Beta.1.1.

You only need to download the big green button zip file (don't worry about the "source code" buttons). It has the RFShowControl code and all the needed support libraries.

Download zip from the green button.

Install Windows Step 1

You will need to unzip once you download. First unzip the release.

Unzip to a local folder.

Install Windows Step 2

Next, navigate inside the folder and copy all of the containing folders. You need to copy these to your Arduino/libraries folder; on Windows this is in "My Documents/Arduino/libraries"

Copy the RFShowControl folder and all of the support libraries.

Now, paste them into the Arduino/libraries folder.

Install Mac OS Step 1

You will need to decompress once you download; double-click on the downloaded file and it will expand to a folder.

Install Mac OS Step 2

Open your */Users/Documents/Arduino/Libraries/* folder, define all in the RFShowControl folder and drag the files into the Libraries folder.

Drag the items in the RFShowControl folder into the Libraries folder.

If your library folder looks like the appropriate above picture you are ALL DONE!! YAY!