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Renard Wireless Control with RFPixel control and nRF24L01

It is possible to control all sorts of Renard devices with the RFPixelControl / RF1 series controllers.

How To connect my RF1 to my Renard

Connection via CAT5 / Serial Cable

With the RF1 and the RF1 Serial Expansion board, it is possible to control any Renard device.

Just Add the RF1 Serial Expansion board, and connect to your RX of the Renard board with any RJ45 wire

Connection Via the SnapIn header

Some Renard boards support a "Snap In header".

To connect the RF1 to a Renard board with a XBee Header

  • Xbee Header Pin Layout
    • 1 = +5VDC
    • 2 = N/C
    • 3 = GND
    • 4 = RX from 485 chip
    • 5 = RX in to PIC

How to Connect to the Renard/XBee SnapIn Header