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RF1Serial Assembly Instructions

komby RF1Serial BOM

C1100nF 0805 Capacitor
C2100nF 0805 Capacitor
C3330nF 0805 Capacitor
C4100nF 0805 Capacitor
C7GMK212B7334MG-T MLCC 0805 X7R 35V 0.33uF 20%
C8 GRM21BR6YA106KE43L MLCC 0805 10uF 35volts X5R + - 10%
C9100nF 0805 Capacitor
C10GRM21BR6YA106KE43L Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors MLCC 0805 10uF 35volts X5R + - 10%
IC1RS 485 IC 2x4 PDIP socket
IC2MCP1702 *Use this OR IC4 not both
ISP1LM7805CZ & use this or IC2 not both
R1120 Ohm 0805 resistor ERJ-PO6J121V
R210k 0805 resistor
R31k 0805 resistor
R41k 0805 resistor 
R51k 0805 resistor 
R610k 0805 resistor
XTAL16Mhz Ceramic resonator 
TTLSerial2.54mm 5-Pin header - Optional
RF2x4 2.54mm pitch female pin header
First we will solder the .1uF, if unmarked you will have 4 of these in one strip of caps.
Solder the .1uF/100nF capacitors C1, C2, C4, C9
.33 uF capacitors
Solder the .33uF capacitors C3, C7 (if using the LM7805 regulator this is a .33uF if you are using the MCP1702 this should be a 10uF
C10 and C8 Capacitors
Solder the 10uf Caps c10 and C8

Now we solder the resistors

Find the resistor marked 121 as shown and solder it
R1 Soldered
Find the 10K resistors marked 1002 for R2 and R6
R2 and R6 soldered
1K resistors are marked 1001 R3,R4, R5, Note these are optional if you are not installing the LEDs you do not need to install these resistors
R3,R4, R5 soldered
LED1 Note the Green mark for orientation
LED2 Note the Green mark for orientation
LED3 Note the Green mark for orientation
LEDs installed, The green orientation marks are pointing to the edge of the board, also shown is the atmega, you will need to line up the circle on the chip with the circle on the board to ensure proper installation
Next install the serial chip header
1x40p 2.54 header strip
clip the header strip into the sizes shown here
Install the 1x10p in two rows, also install the 2x4 pin female header as shown
Install the IC3 L78l33ACZ as shown, also install the 2x3 pin headers
Install the 2 pin shunt jumper header and the serial programming header. Note that in all operations the two pin jumper should not be used. This is only needed if you are powering your serial board from a LOR controller
Install the resonator as shown
Install the RJ45 8p8c jack, this board will support both top entry (shown) or right angle entry
If you are using a DC Jack you would solder this in like shown
if you are using a screw terminal for power you will solder it as shown, you can also just solder power directly to the socket.

Now, before you go any further you need to program your atmega. you will need to bootload your atmega using the 2x3 pin programming header. to do this you need an AVR programmer (not included in kit)

after bootloading is complete you will need to load the serial code using the 5 pin serial programming header. You will have the best success programming the atmega if the RS485 chip is not installed.

once your board is bootloaded and programmed successfully you can put the rs485 chip in.

To configure for DMX, Renard, or LOR add jumpers to the 2x10 pin header in the positions indicated on the PCB.

Nrf radio and serial chip installed.